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Beacon Acupuncture

A pivot stone On your wellness journey

cultivating health through Traditional and Modern methods

Acupuncture, Adjunct Therapy, and Bodywork

Beacon Acupuncture, located in North Grafton, treats a large range of non-emergent medical conditions utilizing the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Experience pain relief, a peaceful mind, and physical well-being using a natural, holistic approach.

Closeup of man's shoulder with acupuncture needles

TCM, Japanese, and Orthopedic Acupuncture

Woman on table receiving Moxibustion therpy

E-Stim, Cupping, TDP Heat Lamp, Tui Na & More

Adjunct Therapy
Woman receiving myofascial release massage to her face

MyoFascial Release Massage & More


Skilled, attentive and incredibly professional

I received a full body acupuncture treatment from her that caused me to feel both exhilarated and relaxed. Looking forward to another session!

Erica Jo Shaffer

A healer, smart, intuitive, and skilled

What more can I say about Liza Tangney and her vocation? I will say that she is a healer, and one of the smartest, most intuitive, and skilled persons I know.


Truly an amazing healer

Liza is truly an amazing healer. She brings such a breadth of knowledge, experience, skill and care to her acupuncture practice.

Karen Potter

Empathetic and highly intuitive approach

Liza listens without judgement and has an empathetic and highly intuitive approach to helping her clients throughout their health and wellness journeys.

Joanna K.

Pain relieved

Without her time and treatment I would have been in a ton of pain waiting for MRI and Pain Clinic appointments.

Melissa Alberto

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