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Skilled, attentive and incredibly professional

Liza is skilled, attentive and incredibly professional. I received a full body acupuncture treatment from her that caused me to feel both exhilarated and relaxed as my energetic channels were opened. I appreciated so much her presence during the treatment, and her commitment to my wellness. Looking forward to another session! Thank you Liza!!

Erica Jo Shaffer

A healer, smart, intuitive, and skilled

I have been going to Liza for quite some time for “muscle and body work.” Due to multiple surgeries and joint replacements, my body had become weakened and somewhat distorted. I was walking bent over, and couldn’t stand up straight. Liza was able to work on me and eventually straighten me out. She gave me exercises to do to strengthen my muscles, and ensured me that there was hope of getting better. She is the reason for any and all improvements in my posture.

In addition to other treatments I’ve received from her, the lymph drainage therapy was extremely beneficial. She is also adept with acupuncture needles. I don’t even feel it when she puts the majority of needles in. There have been a couple of “spicy” ones, but they are inconsequential. I appreciate that Liza explains what she’s doing, and how it will help me.

At one point after a knee replacement, I had a sciatic nerve injury and was desperate because of the intense and relentless pain. I sent Liza a text in the middle of the night. I thought she would respond in the morning, but she answered me immediately. Just hearing her voice was so reassuring and comforting to me. Her body work and massage therapy treatments were a blessing in calming that pinched/irritated sciatic nerve.

I love her new work space. The building is in a convenient location, and she is on the first floor. On my first visit, I immediately felt relaxed as I entered the room. She has interesting art work that enhances the calming effect of the space. Her massage table is so comfortable, and there’s no split in the middle. It has a full length heating pad that covers the entire table. Over that is a comforting and cozy lambs wool material that gives the surface a cushy feeling. It’s absolutely awesome. Having an acupuncture treatment from Liza is like a vacation for me. It’s so relaxing, along with the benefits of reduced pain, more energy, and an increased sense of well-being.

What more can I say about Liza Tangney and her vocation? I will say that she is a healer, and one of the smartest, most intuitive, and skilled persons I know. She is also very kind, honest, sincere, empathetic, compassionate, and has a great sense of humor, to name just a few of her attributes. She is an amazing human being, and is simply the best at what she does.


Truly an amazing healer

Liza is truly an amazing healer. She brings such a breadth of knowledge, experience, skill and care to her acupuncture practice. She is thorough and thoughtful, and has so many modalities to help you in your healing journey. I was going through a particularly stressful period and was not sleeping well. After the session, I slept so well and finally felt more grounded again. Thank you!!

Karen Potter

Empathetic and highly intuitive approach

While I have not been to the new location to receive acupuncture treatments yet, I have seen Liza for bodywork treatments (Biosynchronistics and Myofascial Release) in the past. She changed my life when she figured out this CONSTANT “knot” in my neck/shoulder area was a rib being tricky. It caused me pain for so long that I thought it was my new normal.

I had been going to chiropractors for years for that and other issues but did not get much relief. Within a couple minutes Liza gently released the rib and brought relief to the area. For the next few days, I kept saying “wow, it feels so weird NOT having pain in my right shoulder.” She helped me with other issues I was having due to hypermobility that helped to alleviate a lot of muscle pain (lower back, knees, upper back and shoulders, etc.).

Liza is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, but beyond that, she LISTENS without judgement and has an empathetic and highly intuitive approach to helping her clients throughout their health and wellness journeys. I can’t recommend her enough.

Joanna K.

Pain relieved

I have been seeing Liza for a while for treatment. I love the new office! It’s so easy to walk in on ground level and the new flat top table with a warmer is so comfortable.

I recently was away on vacation, when out of nowhere I was in excruciating pain and had numbness in my leg where I was unable to do anything. I contacted Liza to see what I could do until I could get home to see her. She automatically instructed me what to do and sent me some materials to get through the couple days before I came home.

I went to see her for treatment once I got home after being told that I had 2 bulging discs but they couldn’t do anything until I had an MRI. She was able to relieve the pain and get my hips back into place. I continued seeing her for 3-4 treatments on a weekly basis to relieve the numbness and pain associated with the bulging discs. Now, I go every 2-4 weeks to keep me out of trouble. Without her time and treatment I would have been in a ton of pain waiting for MRI and Pain Clinic appointments.

Melissa Alberto

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